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Honeywell RTU2020 process controller for distributed oil, gas assets

February 16, 2016
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Feb. 16, 2016 – Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has launched its RTU2020 process controller, which it says will help operating companies in oil and gas, mining and other process industries manage remote automation and control applications.

“With the RTU2020, companies have more flexibility to implement highly effective remote operations strategies across their businesses. They can benefit from reduced equipment monitoring and diagnostic time, as well as reduced travel and increased safety by not sending personnel to the field to troubleshoot device issues,” said Brendan Sheehan, senior marketing director, Projects and Automation Solutions, HPS. The RTU2020, featuring expanded input/output (I/O) modules and wireless I/O, is a modular process controller that provides visibility into the utilization of distributed assets through remote monitoring, diagnostic and asset management. It can be deployed at remote sites with 1.8W power consumption, and claims to cut equipment monitoring and diagnostic time from hours to minutes. The RTU2020 controller’s 28 channels of onboard I/O can now be extended by adding one or more of the new 28 channel mixed I/O modules. Like the onboard I/O, the new mixed I/O module is HART-enabled.

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