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Safe camera sensor

December 14, 2009
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

SICK has presented its V300 WS Extended, the latest generation of safe camera sensors for protecting hazardous areas and points-of-operation at SIL2 or PL d levels. Its range has been enhanced so that it can now monitor protective areas of up to 2.25 m². Operating two systems in Synchronous Mode allows the size of the protective field to be doubled. Commissioning of the V300 WS Extended has been made even easier with the help of intuitive single-button operation and the improved four-LED display. The single-device concept of the safe camera sensor is also convincing in economic terms – because the device ensures cost-efficient procurement, stock-keeping and spare-part administration.

The V300 WS Extended is a non-contact safety system based on image processing technology. It fulfils safety integrity level SIL2 according to IEC 61508 and Performance Level PL d in line with EN ISO 13849. The sensor’s transmitter and receiver are integrated in a single housing – as are the supplementary functions Reset and External Device Monitoring. The compact triangular housing of the safe camera system allows horizontal or vertical installation at locations in which the sensor is protected against impacts, misalignment or damage.

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