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Bosch Blaze GLM 20 laser measure boasts accuracy within +/- 1/8 inch

May 30, 2016
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 30, 2016 – The Bosch Blaze GLM 20 laser measure is the first laser measure the company is launching under its new Blaze product family, promising to deliver “innovation, size, speed and simplicity.”

Boasting features that include an “advanced” backlit screen, measurement of up to 65 feet and accuracy within +/- 1/8 inch. According to the company, the laser measure — weighing 0.2 lbs with a length of 4 inches — is “sized for convenience,” fitting in a pocket or on a tool belt, which makes them easy to access and faster to use than using a tape measure for longer measurements. Default real-time measurement adjusts automatically the closer to or farther from the target the user is. Click the button to turn on the unit and begin real-time measurement, and click the button once more to record the distance in the device’s internal memory. Once the measurement is complete, press and hold the same button to turn the laser measure off.
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