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Heule Tool to debut X-Bore for automated deburring of cross bores at CMTS 2017

August 27, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Aug. 27, 2017 – Heule Tool Corp. will introduce the X-Bore series tooling for the automated precision deburring of cross bores at CMTS 2017.

Four chip making tool versions are available to address four different challenge areas associated with deburring. The first solution is COFA, which promises easy deburring of cross bores by removing burrs on the front and back of a drilled through-hole on even and uneven surfaces in a single cycle. COFA is a standard solution for round tubes, yokes, and other uneven, angled surfaces. For more complex situations, Heule offers three specialized tool solutions for cross hole deburring. The first is the COFA-X system, which is designed to handle three types of bores: those with an identical or nearly identical diameter crossing each other; bores which merge into one another; and crossing bores with offset centres. Also available for specialized applications is the Main Bore Tool, which deburrs cross bores that leave sharp edges, “ideal for a central bore where several cross bores of various diameters lead in from different angles,” says the company. The most specialized solution in the series is the Cross Bore Deburring Tool (CBD). CBD was developed to deburr oil bores by penetrating the cross bore and deburring the bore intersection in a process-safe manner. 

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