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B&R releases new generation of HMI panel interfaces

June 25, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Jun. 25, 2018 – B&R recently introduced the fourth generation of its display transmission technology, Smart Display Link (SDL). SDL4 is based on HDBaseT 2.0 and can span up to 100 metres between the industrial PC and display device, allowing users to equip expansive machines and systems with multiple remote HMI panels.

B&R explains SDL4 makes it possible to transmit display content and other data over much greater distances. An additional highlight of SDL4 is its use of standard Ethernet cables, which reduces cable costs over longer distances, says the company, adding that the thin cable and slim RJ45 connector are a perfect fit in tight situations such as feed-through openings and swing arm systems. SDL4 transmission technology is independent of software and operating systems and integrates all communication channels – including USB, touch screen and function keys – in one single cable.

An SDL4 converter allows up to three panels to be connected to one automation PC. A fourth automation panel displaying different content can also be operated via an additional SDL4 interface. B&R says this is its response to the needs of modern manufacturing systems, which increasingly feature multiple locally-mounted operator panels.


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