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Rittal releases Blue e+ cooling units in stainless steel

March 5, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

March 5, 2019 – Rittal has debuted stainless-steel variants of its Blue e+ cooling unit series for ambient conditions.

Their stainless-steel enclosure makes them suitable for applications where high levels of corrosion protection are needed.

Typical examples are the food and beverage industry, where frequent cleaning is required, as well as the process industry.

Like the previous Blue e+ units, the stainless-steel versions operate with highly energy-efficient hybrid technology and are available with five different cooling outputs ranging from 1.6 kW to 5.8 kW.


Hybrid technology consists of a combination of heat pipe and conventional compressor technology. In many cases, for instance when the outside temperature is comparatively low, the heat pipe provides a sufficient cooling output. The supplementary compressor cooling is only used if a higher cooling output is required.

A touch display is located on the front, and there are also smartphone app and IoT interface options.

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