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Toyota Tsusho Canada partners with Kontrol Energy on smart factory solutions

March 28, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

March 28, 2019 – Kontrol Energy Corp. and Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc. (TTCI) are pleased to announce they have signed an agreement to implement Smart Factory technology solutions for North American automobile and parts OEMs.

The agreement will combine Kontrol’s Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software solutions with TTCI’s existing production, operating improvement platforms, and power generation / HVAC products.

The companies intend to establish a joint venture company to provide technology solutions and services to OEMs in the automotive sector to optimize production and manage energy in real-time. A focus on optimizing production and energy management to improve operating efficiencies and reduce operating costs through digitization, real-time data analysis and machine learning will provide global OEMs with a compelling integrated solution.

More specifically, Kontrol will design and provide monitoring software, quality assurance and technical support to TTCI and its customers, and design and install building automation systems and heating and ventilation equipment, while TTCI will procure customers, conduct engineering and installation and after-sales services with customers.

“We selected Kontrol as our partner in the Smart Factory initiatives due to their extensive experience in developing technology solutions which integrate IoT hardware and software to create a smart environment to optimize operating efficiencies. This agreement with Kontrol will enable us to deliver production and energy efficiencies and give our customers a technology solution to drive down their costs and gain a competitive advantage,” says Mr. Hidetoshi Tada, president of TTCI.

The agreement does not prescribe specific timelines or milestones or revenues, but initial pilots are expected to begin in April 2019, with the goal of scaling the offering across North America in 2019. Any profits from the joint venture would be shared between Kontrol and TTCI on a pro rata basis based on services provided by each of Kontrol and TTCI.

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