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Universal Robots launches additional training centres for cobot education

July 12, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

A Universal Robots authorized training centre at Advanced Control Solutions.

July 12, 2019 – Universal Robots (UR) has opened four additional authorized training centres (ATCs) in North America for collaborative robot education.

Through hands-on classes hosted by UR-trained teachers, the ATCs broaden users’ understanding of the UR cobots’ range of use cases, while providing opportunities for hands-on practice in real-life applications.

The new ATCs are the first opened by UR sales partner: Advanced Control Solutions in Marietta, Georgia; Applied Controls in Malvern, Pennsylvania; HTE Automation Technologies in St. Louis, Missouri and Lenexa, Kansas; and Ralph W. Earl Company in Syracuse, New York.

In addition to the ATCs hosted by UR partners, Universal Robots also runs four training centres at its offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Irving, Texas, Garden City, New York, and Irvine, California.


Worldwide, UR is planning 50 fully authorized ATCs, 13 of which will be in North America.

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Universal Robots launches hands-on training centres for cobot programming

Stuart Shepherd, regional sales director of Universal Robots’ Americas division, sees the ATC launch as an answer to sales partners’ request for more tangible ways in which to offer support and training in a setting that allows customers to come and experience the cobots. “Now, current and potential customers can get in-person training, customizing their specific applications and needs,” he says in a release.

The modules of the program include:

  • Core: For any user of a UR cobot who has completed the online modules. Covers safety set-up, basic applications and flexible redeployment.
  • Advanced: For cobot users, technical sales people and integrators with a practical need to optimize applications or find new ways of deploying UR cobots. Covers scripting, advanced uses of force control and TCP, conveyor tracking and performance review.
  • Industrial Communication: For users and developers who need to integrate cobots with third-party devices. Covers modbus TCP, FTP server, dashboard server, socket communication, Ethernet/IP and Profinet.
  • Interfaces: For users and developers who need in-depth knowledge on how to interface with UR cobots using script interfaces. Covers UR scripting, socket communication, client interfaces (port 30001-30003), real time data exchange and XML/RPC.
  • Service & Troubleshooting: For users, technicians, and engineers wanting/needing a better understanding of the mechanical hardware used by UR cobots, how to diagnose issues and resolve them. Covers the configuration of the cobot arm, controller, and safety system as well as preventative maintenance, system troubleshooting, and replacement of parts. 

“Customers want to understand and take full advantage of the robots’ capabilities themselves, and that’s exactly what this training empowers them to do,” says Bill Gerbig, president, Ralph W. Earl Company. “Now, they can get up and running faster, make adjustments if necessary, and redeployment is a breeze. […] Customer reaction has been extremely positive.”

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