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Automation Funding: Grants & Bursaries 101 sessions now available on-demand!

November 22, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Automation Funding: Grants & Bursaries 101 now available on-demand!

Manufacturing AUTOMATION and representatives from the Grants Office present the latest on funding available to manufacturers across Canada to implement automation technologies.

The category-specific on-demand sessions provide detailed guidance on applying for grants and bursaries applicable to your organization. (Scroll down to the bottom of the event page to view the on-demand sessions.)

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The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased the demand for technology in workspaces and factory floors across the country. Integral to those solutions were hardware and software deployments that guaranteed safety and productivity during the months of abrupt closures and disruptions to supply lines.

Today, manufacturing leaders are looking to leverage these same solutions to further revolutionize their operations – including technology deployments that encourage communication, increase productivity and spur innovation.

Fortunately, the Government of Canada offers a number of grant programs for manufacturers. Funding is available to help companies like yours to expand, innovate, create new jobs and support the nation’s transition to a green economy. But these competitive funds flow quickly and only those companies who are ready to respond will reap the benefits.

During the presentation, Ashley Schultz, global manager of research and consultation for Grants Office LLC., discusses large trends in grants available for technology purchases, including an overview of financial support anticipated for 2022. The presentation covers useful tips from industry leaders on how to ensure your company is ready to submit a competitive proposal that will stand out amongst the rest.

On-demand breakout sessions

Four on-demand breakout sessions, featuring Stephanie Cesar and Joseph Phelan from the Grants Office, that are tailored to specific interest areas will follow the live presentation:

Meet the speakers

Ashley Schultz is the Global Manager of Research and Consultation for Grants Office LLC. Grants Office is a global company that helps organizations find and apply for grants. Her team has more than 20 years of experience in assisting for-profit businesses, governments, schools, hospitals, and community organizations in their pursuit of funding. Last year, they helped their clients around the globe to identify and secure more than $1.5 billion in grants.


Stephanie Cesar is a Grants Development Consultant for Grants Office LLC. She manages K-12 education, government and community organizations. Stephanie’s key area of expertise is helping clients find a program that aligns with their needs. She oversees the grants process from discovery to application. This in-depth process led to several clients attaining funding for wide-ranging projects. Stephanie’s region of focus is Canada and she is bilingual in English and French.


Joseph Phelan is a Grants Development Consultant for Grants Office LLC. He researches grant programs throughout Canada with a heightened focus on higher education, for-profit, transportation and workforce, community and economic development. In addition to research, Joseph helps customers with the grants process from beginning to end. He routinely communicates with federal agencies about grant program deadlines, important application information and updated call for proposals.

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