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Bombardier receives $800K from SCALE AI in $16M funding round

February 18, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

SCALE AI, Canada’s artificial intelligence supercluster, has announced investments of $16.6 million for five projects, including one at Bombardier.

The funding includes a direct contribution of $6.68 million – $4.04 million from the federal government and $2.64 million from the government of Quebec.

Bombardier will make a total investment of $1.7 million, which includes $800,000 from SCALE AI, to improve demand forecasts for spare parts with aircraft maintenance software maker Traxall.

“We want to improve the accuracy of our algorithms to work even more effectively and efficiently,” says Jean-Christophe Gallagher, executive vice-president, services and support and corporate strategy at Bombardier.


The Traxall software will be installed on Bombardier aircraft to monitor maintenance needs, thereby reducing the risk of supply shocks along Bombardier’s entire value chain.

“Each cohort of projects reflects the organizations’ needs in all sectors for concrete AI applications,” says Hélène Desmarais, co-chair of the SCALE AI board of directors.

“The understanding of AI’s capabilities to find solutions to concrete and specific supply chain issues has taken an incredible leap forward. This is encouraging, for companies that are accelerating the process of integrating AI to boost their productivity and competitiveness, but also for Canada’s growing AI ecosystem as a whole.”

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