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Datanomix, Flexxbotics to automate production monitoring for Universal Robots

July 27, 2022
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Datanomix-Flexxbotics partnership to allow automated production monitoring for Universal Robots installations. (Photo: Datanomix)

Datanomix and Flexxbotics announced a technology partnership to automate production monitoring in Universal Robot cells. Datanomix is the creator of the Automated Production Intelligence software platform. Flexxbotics specializes in robotics process improvement technology. Together, the companies will offer automated production intelligence coverage to Universal Robot cells, helping power lights-out and automated operations at precision manufacturers.

The partnership will allow Datanomix to access real-time operational data for Universal Robots from Flexxbotics through its FlexxConnect platform. Utilization and performance data for Universal Robots installations is collected and displayed in the Datanomix platform. This offers insights into the cobot as well as CNC machine cycle time, part counts, run time and machine/robot status. Precision manufacturers will be able to leverage this ability inform their decisions when automating their factory.

FlexxConnect also provides centralized and revision-controlled cobot and CNC program management capabilities and guided workflows for both cobot operators and CNC operators.

“Partnering with Flexxbotics delivers a turnkey integration with Universal Robots that offers deep insights into robot performance, cycle time, utilization, and capacity, satisfying pent-up demand from our customers,” said Greg McHale, co-founder and CTO of Datanomix.


With this initial integration, existing Flexxbotics customers can add Datanomix to their deployments. Similarly, Datanomix customers can add the Flexxbotics management platform to Universal Robot installations.

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