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Deloitte Canada launches AI Institute to help companies scale technology

March 4, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

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Deloitte Canada has introduced the Deloitte AI Institute, a forum dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) research and adoption across industries.

The AI Institute will assist mid-market and large Canadian organizations in the private and public sectors start or scale AI capabilities, which the consulting firm says will help to boost Canada’s competitiveness globally.

“Our purpose is to advance Canadians’ knowledge of topical AI issues by highlighting exciting research developments, business applications and invaluable thought leadership on both the risks and power of AI,” says Audrey Ancion, AI Institute Canada lead.

“The Institute provides an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate how AI is already transforming organizational decision-making, creating dramatic efficiencies and adding new capabilities while powering sustainable, value-building activities.”

A kick-off virtual event on Mar. 3 featured Professor Geoffrey Hinton, the pioneer of neural networks, who shared his latest research on the future of image recognition.

The webinar also revealed insights from notable panellists on real-world applications of artificial intelligence that have helped to solve business problems yielding real, tangible results.

In the future, the Deloitte AI Institute will host an ongoing series of events and produce thought leadership to facilitate connection points and share learnings, challenges and results, showcasing how organizations can successfully leverage AI solutions to deliver better business outcomes.

Part of a global Deloitte initiative, with partner AI Institutes in the UK, US, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China and European member firms, the Canadian AI Institute will be delivering cutting-edge insights from around the world.

“We want to ignite AI curiosity and knowledge across the country using both Canadian and global stories, knowledge and insights from our network,” says Jas Jaaj, managing partner AI and data, Deloitte Canada.

“Canada is home to some of the best AI minds in the world, who continuously inspire and ignite people’s imaginations and deliver best-in-class solutions to the most complex business problems. We truly believe this is an opportunity for us to advance AI innovation and human-machine collaboration.”

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