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Emerson introduces wireless vibration monitor for plant equipment

November 22, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Emerson AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor

Emerson has introduced the AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor, a vibration sensor that performs prescriptive analytics on vibration data using native software to automatically identify failure modes and prevent potential problems involving rotating assets.

The new compact device monitors motors, pumps, fans and other critical plant equipment, which the company says can reduce downtime and achieve more reliable operations.

The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor collects and contextualizes vibration data to generate actionable information. By applying Emerson’s patented PeakVue Plus technology, the device not only identifies when and how assets will fail, but also why.

Technicians—regardless of expertise—can quickly and clearly identify and prioritize common mechanical issues such as bearing defects, gear wear, under-lubrication and pump cavitation, enabling them to focus more on operations-critical tasks.

The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor operates on a plant’s existing WirelessHART network and fully supports the vibration analysis tools included in Emerson’s AMS Machine Works software. It uses a triaxial sensor to capture data in three dimensions to generate a complete picture of the machine condition.

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