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Festo develops online configurator to order butterfly valves

August 17, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Festo has released the KVZA butterfly-valve configurator, which helps engineers select manual and automated butterfly valves.

Engineers can access the price, estimated delivery date, data sheet, bill of material, 2D CAD data, 3D CAD models, and certificates of the optimum butterfly valve for the application. Units arrive fully assembled and tested.

All the following are combined into a single tool: configuration, sizing, documentation, request for quotation, ordering and delivery. The KVZA tool also features a direct link to the Festo Online Shop, advice on solutions, and a configuration-compatible bill of materials.

Many actuation and automation options are available through the KVZA configurator, including manual (hand lever) or automated (pneumatic actuator), open/closed or proportional control, visual Indicator, limit Switch, puck sensor and NAMUR pilot valve.

Butterfly valves are available in wafer and lug styles, and DIN and ANSI compatible formats. Nominal diameters range from one to 12 inches (DN 25 to DN 300).

Shut-off materials include ductile cast iron with polyamide (PA) coating, stainless steel with PFA (perfluoroalkoxy alkane) coating and stainless steel. Sealing element materials include EPDM, NBR, and PTFE with silicone.

Quarter-turn actuators can be either double-acting or single-acting; low, standard or high temperature; as well as G or NPT threads for the air connection. In the case of washdown applications, there is also an option for epoxy coating to provide higher corrosion resistance.

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