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Mecademic introduces its MicroDASH SCARA series, expanding its micro-automation portfolio

October 12, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Mecademic's new micro-SCARA product – the MicroDASH series. (Photo: Mecademic Industrial Robotics)

Mecademic has formally launched its new product line, the MicroDASH series, with the first shipments of its MCS500 SCARA. This 4-axis robot reportedly offers space efficiency, precision and integration flexibility to accelerate the automation of small component design, inspection and assembly applications.

The company shares in a press statement that this formal launch follows the successful Early Access Program, resulting in robot design advancements and pre-orders from customers and partners across North AmericaEurope and Asia.

The design of the MicroDASH MCS500 offers miniature SCARA robots. The company says that even with an embedded controller, the MCS500 is 30 percent smaller than related products. The MCS500 provides the same 0.005 mm repeatability as the Meca500 6-axis robot. At just 4.3 kg, the MCS500 can also be mounted upside-down, providing integration flexibility.

Reportedly crafted with precision-machined aluminum housing, battery-less encoders and high-efficiency motors, this arm ensures enduring quality and flexible integration, says Mecademic.


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