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TwinTrack Probe from RoboDK designed for robot programming

September 6, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Photo: RoboDK

RoboDK, a Canadian-European robot programming software company, released the design and assembly instructions for its TwinTrack Probe. Available from September 2023, the tool reportedly allows users to record complex paths in RoboDK with an off-the-shelf HTC VIVE tracker and a simple 3D printed tool.

With the new TwinTrack Probe, users can reportedly program their robot by moving the probe by hand and recording their complex paths. This allows the robot to mimic the operator skills.

The design and assembly instructions of the probe are made publicly available so it can be customized to better mimic human skills. The device includes two buttons to have better control over the teaching process. The combination of an off-the-shelf tracker and a 3D printed, open-source tool makes the solution accessible for any business that wants to increase their automation efficiency.

With the new probe, RoboDK aims to bring the benefits of off-the-shelf and affordable measurement technology to its customers, allowing to customize the hardware for each manufacturing application.

The TwinTrack Probe takes advantage of new technology created for Virtual Reality systems, including HTC Vive Trackers and base stations created by Valve such as the Index Base station. The probe itself can be created with any 3D printer, and the company has released the design for all to use.

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