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Mobile Industrial Robots to supply autonomous robots to Faurecia

January 24, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

January 24, 2019 – Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), maker of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has partnered with automotive technology specialist Faurecia to deploy AMRs in its manufacturing plants worldwide.

Faurecia has investigated and tested different solutions for automating its in-house transportation for years in order to optimize productivity and internal workflows.

“We have entered into this strategic partnership with MiR because it has the capacity and extensive knowledge to support us in streamlining and optimizing our logistics operations,” says Eric Moreau, VP supply chain and digital enterprise for Faurecia Clean Mobility Business Group. “We generally have a high level of automation, but material handling has until now been a challenge, and we see a huge potential in automating logistics.”

“We are continuously adjusting our facility layouts to meet the demand for a high number of smaller batch sizes in our production,” Moreau added. “This needs to be supported by our intralogistics systems, and that requires a high level of flexibility.”

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MiR offers a range of collaborative and AMRs that are designed to work alongside their human colleagues, to relieve them from physically strenuous work and to redeploy them for more valuable tasks. The mobile robots are user-friendly and can be operated without prior programming experience. The employees can interact with the robots via a robot interface that can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, and send them on their missions with a push of a button. 

The robots from MiR can be customized with different top modules depending on the customers’ need. 

“In general, we see a great potential in the automotive industry, which is adopting advances in autonomous technology more rapidly than most other industries,” says Thomas Visti, CEO of MiR. “The plant setups of today are agile and highly dynamic, and people, equipment, pallets and other obstacles can appear in what used to be open passageways. Our mobile robots fit these ever-changing environments particularly well.”

MiR has a global distribution network in more than 40 countries and local offices in New York; San Diego, California; Singapore, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Shanghai.

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