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Ontario manufacturers invest $25M in new tech, province adds $2.4M

July 28, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Ontario is providing nearly $2.4 million to supplement an additional $25 million being invested by local manufacturers in Brantford, Ont. for new equipment and expansion.

The province’s funding will help create 38 new jobs and retain 95 jobs in the area.

Grissin Bon is investing nearly $6 million to expand its food manufacturing facility by 26,000 square feet and add a new production line that will help the company enter a new segment of the bakery market and diversify its customer base.

With $885,900 from the province’s Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, they are creating 15 new jobs and retaining 20. The investment will allow the company to purchase new equipment to help expand its product offerings from breadsticks to other baked items.


Synergy Mouldworks, a manufacturer of custom injection moulds for markets including automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods, is investing $3.5 million to expand its facility by 9,000 square feet, purchase new equipment and increase capacity in research and development.

With $500,000 from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, they are creating five new jobs and retaining 14. With Ontario’s support, the company will optimize production efficiencies and innovation to enter into new markets.

Rembos, a wood products re-manufacturer that creates high-grade wood from lumber mill seconds, is undertaking a $5.5-million investment in facility and infrastructure upgrades.

Ontario is investing $500,000 from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, which will allow the company to increase overall production by 50 per cent, increase efficiencies, develop new products and enter new markets. In a statement, Glenn Boothe, Rembos vice-president and managing partner, says the investment will help expand the company’s purchase of Ontario forestry products by nearly 200 per cent over the next three years.

This investment will create eight new jobs and retain 36.

Elastochem Speciality Chemicals, which specializes in polyurethane products for the construction industry, is investing over $10 million with $500,000 from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund to expand its product offerings, which are currently focused on sprayed polyurethane foam, to include low/non-combustible and energy-efficient insulation board.

This new product would address two key issues facing architects and building designers: achieving a highly efficient thermal wall enclosure while reducing or eliminating fire risk. The company is creating 10 new jobs and retaining 25 with this investment.

“Elastochem is excited for its future here in Ontario. The investment from the South Western Ontario Development Fund helped finalize our decision to expand our current site in Brantford,” says Sam DiLoreto, Elastochem president.

“The 50,000 square-foot expansion will allow us to implement newly developed resin manufacturing technology to meet the needs of the construction market for years to come.”

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