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PINpoint celebrates 20 years

July 10, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

A sample SmartScreen user interface to help error-proof the fastening processes.

Jul. 10, 2017 – PINpoint Information Systems says it has achieved 20 years of “manufacturing error-proofing excellence.”

To mark its 20th year, the Burlington, Ont.-based company says it plans to “once again revolutionize” manufacturing operations management (MOM)/manufacturing execution system (MES) software with the addition of “even more powerful data visualization and reporting features,” such as manufacturing intelligence and business intelligence tools to help optimize manufacturing processes.

Its software is used around the world by a range of manufacturers from various industries, such as automotive, heavy machinery, aerospace, military, and agriculture.

Last year, PINpoint introduced Andon 3D, a plant-floor communications, product tracking, and manufacturing reporting system recommended as the upgrade for any existing aAndon system, or, as an entry level into MES system software to build a future MES strategy. Andon 3D has the PINpoint MES PRO Version 4 software at heart, and can be adapted to an unlimited number of users, allowing the solution to expand as a manufacturer’s operations grow.  


PINpoint also introduced data visualization features in its Version 4 products with graphic aids with the goal of error-proofing assembly line fastening processes. The image here shows an sample Rundown Detail screenshot that is displayed for the line worker on a SmartScreen user interface/touchscreen. In this example, the line worker is guided to run down fasteners or bolts to a pre-set Torque and Angle tolerance to pass the process step.

The company plans to release Version 5 of its software this summer, and describes the new release as offering more advanced data visualization features with data playback capabilities and reporting tools.

“We have always designed our software to be a solution our customers can live with day in and day out, and grow with in time,” said Rob MacMillan, president. “With the upcoming release of our Version 5, it is an exciting time as we strive to provide even greater value to our customers with new features that empower manufacturers to achieve their goal of meeting world class standards.”

“PINpoint V5 MES and V5 Andon software represents 20 years of experience catering to the industrial assembly industry. In an environment where the approach to plant floor management is often fragmented and highly custom, PINpoint has built a user configurable ‘product’ from the ground up with a single focus of being the most comprehensive, and highly integrated assembly management tool in industry,” he continued.

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