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Rittal names Tusk Automation as its Certified Systems Integrator

May 25, 2022
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Rittal Systems has added Tusk Automation as a Rittal Certified Systems Integrator partner for 2022.

In a statement released by the company, Rittal explains that this achievement shows that the Tusk team is excelling in the knowledge and specification of Rittal’s range of solutions and software.

“Tusk Automation always provides unique, customized solutions to whatever challenges are presented by its global customers. Tusk uses Rittal’s wide range of enclosure solutions and EPLAN’s engineering software to create innovative solutions by working closely with their partners to solve their problems safely, on time and with the best customer service available in the field,” said Craig Torrance, regional sales director, Western Canada, Rittal Systems.

Tusk Automation was established in 2014. Since then, it has grown from its two founders to a team of none professionals.


“We are pleased to be recognized as Rittal’s Certified Systems Integrator which is a stellar program that includes only those companies that have accumulated the highest levels of know-how to be able to excel in specifying and configuring Rittal enclosure and climate control solutions. We have also been recognized as a Certified Systems Integrator by Rittal’s sister company, EPLAN, which endorses the fact that we have the end-to-end knowledge to design enclosure solutions using EPLAN engineering software too,” said James Jenkinson, founder and president of Tusk Automation.

Tusk Automation specializes in several areas where it uses EPLAN software and Rittal enclosure solutions such as. These areas include programming; instrumentation and field services; automation design; control panels; motor control panels; and special projects.

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