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Rockwell Automation and Cadenza Innovation working together to explore driving energy storage

Rockwell Automation has announced that it is partnering with Cadenza Innovation to define a strategic relationship. Both companies have a shared goal of building high-performance battery cell production lines.

In 2022, the companies will work together to develop a customer cloud portal to manage deployed distributed energy resources, an end-to-end battery manufacturing execution system (MES), and equipment automation to support the expansion of Cadenza Innovation’s battery manufacturing in the US and abroad.

The companies intend to create a full digital thread that feeds information from business systems to the factory floor and subsequently out to the field-deployed energy storage systems. It will be a “closed loop”, with data from the field going back into Cadenza Innovation’s connected operations.

“We are excited to collaborate with Cadenza Innovation to build high-performance battery cell production. With Rockwell Automation’s global industry expertise in manufacturing and sustainability and Cadenza Innovation’s field-proven operational and mass production expertise in the battery market, we have aligned on our commitment to sustainability and innovation,” said Tom O’Reilly, vice-president of sustainability at Rockwell Automation.


This partnership will allow Cadenza Innovation to bring its battery technology to customers more rapidly.