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Sensai aims to modernize factory operations using AI

March 29, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Mar. 29, 2018 – Sensai, an augmented productivity platform for manufacturing operations, has launched a pilot program in the United States.

Striving to increase manufacturing throughput and decrease downtime, Sensai’s augmented productivity platform employs AI technology to help operations teams monitor machinery, diagnose problems before they happen and implement solutions. The system combines human- and tech-based solutions, connecting, informing and using data-driven intelligence to cut costs by minimizing downtime and limiting defects, describes the company. By installing a set of wireless sensors that interconnect through a smart mesh network of gateways, Sensai collects data through its IIoT Hub, gateways and sensors, and sends it to the Cloud or an on-premise location to be processed and secured. Operations teams will be aware of production status, machinery requirements and needs through dashboards, mobile applications and Cloud-based connectivity to machinery.
“The possibility for momentous change within manufacturing operations through digital transformation is here and now,” said Porfirio Lima, CEO of Sensai. “As an augmented productivity platform, Sensai integrates seamlessly into old or new machinery and instantly maximizes uptime and productivity by harnessing the power of real time data, analytics and predictive AI. Armed with this information, every person involved – from the shop floor to the top floor – has the power to make better and faster decisions to increase productivity.”
According to the company, Sensai will learn a businesses’ process and systems with coaching from machine operators, process and maintenance engineers, and will then make recommendations based on repeating patterns that were not previously detected. Sensai, it explains, does this by assessing the team’s experiences and historical data from the knowledge base and cross checking patterns of previous failures against a real-time feed.
Founded in 2017, Sensai is headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico and privately funded by Metalsa, a global manufacturer of automotive structural components.

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