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Top 10 Under 40 2023: Meet Mac MacSorley, operations manager at Eclipse Automation

July 24, 2023
By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

Manufacturing AUTOMATION’s second annual Top 10 Under 40 highlights the next generation of leaders who have demonstrated exemplary work ethic. They are leading the charge in their workspaces and inspiring their peers with their commitment to innovation.

This year, the winners share what they enjoy the most about working in the automation space, what plans they have for their future and suggestions on getting more people into this industry.

To highlight the achievements of each individual selected for the Top 10 Under 40 list, Manufacturing AUTOMATION will feature one of 2023’s winners every week for the next 10 weeks.

This week, we introduce Mac MacSorley, operations manager at Eclipse Automation. MacSorley shares what excites him about working in this industry.


Manufacturing AUTOMATION: What do you enjoy the most about working in the manufacturing/automation space?

Mac MacSorley: The manufacturing and automation industry continues to evolve as technology advances. Playing a role in this advancement is something very exciting and unique. You are always working with new challenges and new technologies which is something I enjoy doing on a daily basis. The machines built by Eclipse are continuously incorporating new advancements to truly make our machines first-class. Not only do our machines go to many different companies, but the industry that our customers are a part of is constantly changing ensuring that we too continue to stay with the present times. From one project to the next, you can be working with a customer in a wide variety of industries from life sciences, transportation, energy, consumer products or industrial industries. It really is something new every day.

MA: Besides professional training, what has helped you develop your skills the most?

MM: Over the last five years, I have had the opportunity to be in a handful of positions. All of which have introduced new aspects to my job responsibilities and expanded my capabilities. Having these different jobs has significantly contributed to my growth in the business and industry as well as allowing me to connect with employees regarding any situation. I have been on the shop floor programming, travelling to job sites with a team, as well as figuring out how to solve problems when they arise. Being able to grow one step at a time has been important as I have been able to focus on one piece of the business at a time to incorporate it into the larger business. Focusing on the task at hand and doing it well, or recognizing where I could have done something different, has been something I continually remind myself to do. In order to take the next step, you have to understand where you came from.

MA: What are your future plans within the industry?

MM: I can’t really say I have a target or plan with what I want to do within the industry. There are so many different avenues and possibilities, so I just always want to strive toward the next step and do the best I can with the challenges in front of me. Eclipse is growing at a very rapid rate and the more we can grow the people within, the more success we will have as a team. We have very talented employees within the company and if I can contribute to helping them take the next step to advance their careers, I would be more than happy. With how fast the automation segment is changing, our younger employees have some very unique ways to solve issues and bring new ideas to complex issues. It is those individuals that will carry the industry moving forward. The more I can help our people within, the further the automation sector will grow.

MA: How can this industry encourage more people to join and pursue successful careers here?

MM: This industry has a wide variety of types of careers. There truly is something for everyone within the automation industry. At Eclipse, we employ co-ops in almost every department. This is such a great way to influence people to join and spread the word, not only about the company but the industry. I started my journey into the industry as a co-op student and am very grateful for this. Having three separate terms to explore where I want to be in the industry gave me the opportunity to experience many different environments and potential employers. Introducing what automation is and showing people what we do, is something that I always enjoy. People are always blown away by what we can accomplish but don’t realize that they too could be a part of the industry. Being connected to the schools and connecting with the next generation is where I think the biggest benefit is to encourage people to pursue careers in automation. Currently, I sit on the Program Advisory Committee for Conestoga College which ensures that relevant material is being taught in the Mechanical Engineering Technology programs from trends in industry. This gives the students a chance to connect with employers and prepare themselves for the industry. There are so many different skill sets and positions all under one roof that all come together as a team to create a successful and exciting business.

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