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Universal Robots names Vention as its latest Certified Solution Partner

July 12, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Vention was named one of Universal Robots’ (UR) select Certified Solution Partners (CSP). The company has been a UR+ partner since 2017. This new CSP certification further validates the compatibility of the companies’ hardware and software ecosystems.

“Our new CSP program recognizes deployment excellence and commitment to increased integration capacity, all to the benefit of our customers,” says Bryan Bird, regional sales director of UR’s North America division. “Vention is a great fit for this program, and we are excited to deploy even more cobot applications together, taking our partnership to the next level.” Bird looks forward to building a network of CSPs with specific UR product, software and application expertise.

The company notes in a press statement that throughout its partnership with UR, it has developed a large portfolio of UR+-certified components and applications, including cobot palletizer, MachineLogic, MachineMotion, cobot range extender, and other varied certified hardware components. Through the addition of these components to Vention’s custom robot cells and application offerings, users can take full advantage of its modular and customizable solutions to create UR-based robot cells and applications.

“Over the years, Vention has supported over 1,000 Universal Robot deployments in North America and Europe, giving Vention unique expertise in the design and deployment of collaborative solutions,” said Patrick Halde, chief growth officer at Vention. “With Vention’s simplified approach to industrial automation being very similar to Universal Robots, becoming a Certified Solution Partner was the logical next step in our partnership.”


Moving forward, the company will continue to develop UR solutions through new applications and software releases.

“We are only scratching the surface of what can be done when combining intuitive software, modular hardware, and robots,” added Halde.

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