Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Virtual Event
Automate to Innovate 2024
February 21, 2024 at 1:00pm ET

Partners in success – Automation case studies


  • Sukanya Ray Ghosh, Editor, Manufacturing AUTOMATION
  • Ed Goffin, Vice-President of Product Marketing, Pleora Technologies
  • Matthew Heisz,Programming Team Leader, Black Controls Company
Technology experts will discuss automation implementation case studies in manufacturing facilities. Speakers will share project challenges, solutions and benefits realized through implementation. Speakers will also discuss how manufacturers have the option to partner with technology and solutions providers for better success.

Ed Goffin
Ed Goffin is the vice-president of product marketing with Pleora Technologies, a leading supplier of AI solutions and video connectivity products for quality inspection and factory automation applications. Over his 25-year career, he has been widely published and is a featured speaker on topics ranging from packet switching and network timing to real-time video solutions for situational awareness in medical, factory automation, and security applications


Matthew Heisz
Matthew Heisz is the programming team lead at Black Controls, a company specializing in designing, manufacturing, and programming industrial control systems. As a controls programmer for 10 years and Master Electrician, Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the Black Controls team. He has worked in many manufacturing sites around the world troubleshooting and providing solutions. Most recently, Matthew and his team have been exploring the various benefits of autonomous mobile robots and working with customers across North America to integrate these powerful tools into their operations.

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