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Automated Inspection Made Easy with Vaira

Integrating inspection and checklist apps with AI object detection and classification skills reduces quality escapes and improves traceability for manufacturers

Vaira™ helps manufacturers digitize work instructions, automate inspections, and upgrade error-prone manual processes by supporting human decisions to boost productivity and increase profits. The camera and software-based solution is powered by a scalable suite of shop floor-ready inspection and traceability apps. Built on proven machine vision and AI expertise, with two-way integration to resource planning tools, Vaira helps to drive continuous analysis, insight, and improvements from end-to-end.

The suite of easy-to-use AI apps solve manual inspection errors immediately and simplify your path towards full automation.

The Automated Visual Inspection app highlights product differences to reduce quality escapes. With AI-based decision support for operators, assembly and inspection processes are consistent and reliable. Unique AI capabilities are transparently trained on operator decisions, removing the need for algorithm expertise or numerous images to teach the system. A trained app can be easily deployed as an inline solution, providing manufacturers with a scalable approach to full automation.

Vaira also helps companies convert and optimize paper-based processes, including assembly and changeover steps, by creating electronic checklists with visual inspection capabilities that ensure operators receive the latest instructions, eliminating errors, waste, and delays. Incorporate interactive documents, web links, images, and videos to clearly and visually explain process steps. Speed training for new employees and processes, while gathering data for regulatory reporting requirements.

Easily create AI-powered checklists and work instructions by converting Microsoft Excel sheets into automated AI applications. With no programming knowledge required, Vaira’s AI capabilities automatically detect and catch errors throughout manufacturing processes like assembly steps and inspections. Quickly, you can improve quality checks, and secure your operations with complete traceability at every step.

AI applications like ‘image compare’ and ‘object detection’ help electronics manufacturers vastly improve manual inspections. Avoid quality escapes earlier in processes, add traceability for critical products and compliance regulatory requirements, while reducing costs associated with claims and recalls.


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