Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Virtual Event
Women in Manufacturing 2024
March 6, 2024 at 1:00pm ET

Workshop – Unlocking high performance


  • Lauren Ritchie, High Performance Coach, Career Coach, Recruiter
Explore the individual and collective elements required for sustained growth, engagement and performance by exploring the pillars of high -performance. Rooted in the world’s largest study, these six pillars— Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, Persuasion, Presence, and Purpose are the key areas influencing sustained success. In this session, you will learn tips and techniques to: Cultivate a positively engaged mindset, generate energy to consistently show up as your best self, increase your productivity, build trust to seamlessly persuade people around you, develop influence by mastering your presence and align actions with purpose, fostering inspiration at work.

Lauren Ritchie
Lauren Ritchie is a certified high-performance and career coach. She empowers individuals and teams to 5X their career through strategic pivots and accelerated performance.

Leveraging the six pillars of high performance, she works with her clients to achieve heightened and sustained levels of performance and success. Lauren spent almost a decade working in financial institutions before pivoting her career to entrepreneurship. She has worked with some of Canada’s most prominent organizations, helping them drive engagement, retention and growth of their people and business.