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Virtual Event
Women in Manufacturing 2024
March 6, 2024 at 1:00pm ET

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Global Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services

With facilities in Canada and the USA, Dynamic Source Manufacturing Inc. (DSM) has the technology and scalable systems to evolve with our partners as their businesses grow. We have helped launch some of the most dynamic products in various industries, such as communications, industrial, energy, and security and defense.
We take care of our partners’ entire production cycle, including our very first customers from 2000. Our highly experienced team is cross-trained to handle any situation during the manufacturing process, communicate efficiently with our partners, and meet their exact needs.

Proudly Supporting Women in Manufacturing

At DSM, we are proud to be part of an industry that fosters inclusivity, diversity, and advancing women’s roles in STEM fields. Our commitment goes beyond representation; it’s about creating an environment where talent, passion, and expertise thrive. By empowering and providing women with equal opportunities to lead and innovate, we not only elevate our company but also contribute to the impact women are making in manufacturing.

With a remarkable majority of female staff members throughout all departments at DSM, particularly our management team, we are proud to be agents of change in reshaping the landscape of our industry for generations to come.

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