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Video: Mobile, SCARA and 6-Axis robot, sensing and indication solutions

October 20, 2023
By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

Brought to you by Advanced Motion & Controls

This video features SCARA and 6-axis robots from Epson’s All-In-One portfolio with integrated controllers for simple, cost-effective design.  Also shown is the UR3, the most compact collaborative robot offered by UR.  AMR (Automated Mobile Robot) technology from MiR is shown with the MIR250 (250 Kg payload), with a max of 1350 Kg on the MiR 1350. SNAP SIGNAL from Banner makes legacy equipment Industry 4.0 ready by simply overlaying their sensing solution on existing hardware.  Their lighting and indication solutions can be used in both tradition industrial automation settings and logistics and material handling environments.

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