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Belt conveyor line

February 16, 2010  by Manufacturing AUTOMATION

SAS Automation recently introduced a new line of belt conveyors ideal for injection molded components and packaging. Available in horizontal or vertical configurations, these new conveyors come in a wide range: from mini conveyor belts having a construction height of 1-1/2-inch  to heavy-duty belt conveyors with a capacity of 200 lb/ft (300 kg/m).

There are ten different versions available, from mini to angled Z-conveyors covering a broad spectrum of applications.

Key features:
• Conveyor dimensions: 50 to 2,600 mm
• Speed: up to 3 m/sec
• Conventional and proportional drive options available
• Complete series available as individual components
• Long reliable operation
• Universal structure with aluminum profiles

According to Robert Dalton, general manager for SAS Automation, "These heavy-duty conveyors allow for continuous material flow, as any combination of routes are possible. Expect to see continued expansion of the automation solutions offering from SAS."



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