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Tool kits

February 12, 2014
By Mary Del

Harting has introduced three Han Torque Tool sets and a screwdriver set designed to make field termination of its Han industrial connector products easy when employing either screw or axial screw technologies. Harting invented axial screw termination as an alternative to crimp connections for larger gauge wires. Axial screw termination makes extremely durable, vibration-proof connections and is a convenient solution for repair work, with the ability to handle conductor cross-sections to 100 mm2, the company says. The three Han Torque Tool sets are designed to allow installers to apply the precise amount of torque for making highly reliable terminations. The tools in each torque set and screwdriver set are tailored to the Han product range, and remove any guesswork about which to use for each Harting axial screw or screw termination job. The torque sets for high-current axial contacts and power contacts feature variably adjustable torque screwdrivers that work in the torque range of 5-14 Nm and 1-5 Nm.

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