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AIME Global offsets training costs for southern Ontario manufacturers

August 20, 2015
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Aug. 20, 2015 – The Yves Landry Foundation wants to help your business reach its full potential through a new program called AIME (Achieving Innovation and Manufacturing Excellent) Global.

AIME provides up to $50,000 to any southern Ontario manufacturer (including eastern and central Ontario) that is exporting or export-ready to help with skills training related to innovative new processes or products.

The program aims to help offset the costs related to training programs that specifically develop Highly Qualified People (HQP) in specific areas that support innovation, said foundation representatives. This includes training personnel to build their expertise in areas that will enhance the competitiveness of the company. The innovation can relate to product, process, design and development, quality or any other area of the business.

“This unique program recognizes that one of the best ways for Southern Ontario’s manufacturers to remain competitive on a global basis is to embrace innovation in every area of their business,” says Karyn Brearley, executive director of the foundation.

Funding is available to manufacturing companies with 10 to 1,000 employees. Through AIME Global, the Yves Landry Foundation will pay for 50 per cent of direct training costs, including the cost of the trainers (in-house staff or brought in from an outside firm), training materials, training location costs, and other direct training costs. As well, the program will pay for 50 per cent of indirect costs, including employees wages while in training, and production materials that might be consumed as part of the training program.


“We have designed the application process to be as straightforward as possible,” said Brearley. “A brief, preliminary application is submitted to ensure that the nature of the innovation and training program qualifies under the program’s guidelines. Once reviewed and determined that it fits within the priorities, the company then submits a full application for consideration.”

To apply to the AIME Global program, submit your application through the online portal located on the Yves Landry Foundation website.

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