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NT Tool slim hydraulic chuck for narrow spaces

September 14, 2015
By Alyssa Dalton

Sept. 14, 2015 – NT Tool now offers a slim-bodied PHC-S hydraulic chuck for use in tight spaces.

According to the company, these PHC-S holders claim to “combine the stability and precision of NT’s dual clamping-point system with the access into narrow workpieces previously only possible with shrink fit holders.” The oil chamber around the chucking sleeve absorbs cutting vibrations, promising higher, consistent accuracy and a smoother work surface. The PHC-S is available in HSK, CAT (standard and two-face contact), BT (standard and two-face contact), and UTS shank styles. They are offered in both inch sizes (⌀1/4 in. – ⌀1 in.) and metric sizes (⌀6 mm – ⌀25 mm), and custom sizes.

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