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ABB introduces SafeMove2 robot monitoring system

July 7, 2016
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Jul. 7, 2016 – ABB Robotics has launched SafeMove2, the latest generation of its safety certified robot monitoring software, which boasts greater flexibility, space savings and cutting edge commissioning tools for increased productivity.

“This, combined with unsurpassed safety, enables closer collaboration between robots and factory workers,” says the company. According to ABB Robotics, SafeMove2 allows for the creation of more efficient and flexible production scenarios, and provides tools that speed the commissioning workflow for faster setup and validation. Like the original 2008 version, the updated software offers safe speed limits, safe standstill monitoring, safe axis ranges and position and orientation supervision, all with the goal to promote robots and operators working closely together. “For example, if an operator needs to interact with the robot system, safety sensors can be incorporated into the robot cell to detect the person’s presence. After detected, SafeMove will either supervise the robot’s speed or monitor it while it is standing still. Once the person clears the zone, the robot can resume operation. The end result is less down time and increased productivity,” explains the company.

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