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Wireless controllers

February 7, 2011
By Mary Del

Belden recently announced the availability of three new Hirschmann BAT (Wireless System) WLC Controllers, which are fully compatible with all existing BAT-Rail and F Series (IP65/67) Access Points. Designed for use in switch cabinets, the new 48-cm WLC25, WLC50 and WLC100 BAT Controllers provide data communications and network availability for 25, 50 or 100 WLAN access points – all of which can be configured and managed from a central location. During normal operation, the controller provides the administrator with all of the necessary network information. However, in the event that an access point fails, the controller immediately recognizes which device should replace it and then integrates that unit into the network. There is no longer a need for the management software to interrogate data from each individual access point, the company says. The new Hirschmann BAT WLC Controllers also feature extensive management and security functions, such as IP routing, fast roaming, support for IEEE 802.11n transmission standards, automatic frequency management in the 2.4- and five-GHz waveband, and a variety of redundancy and backup mechanisms to ensure fast data communications and high network availability.

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