Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Mobile video collaboration

May 2, 2011
By Mary Del

Librestream’s Onsight mobile collaboration system allows companies to take video collaboration beyond traditional boardroom applications onto the plant floor, to a supplier location, or into the field where the problems are occurring. The Onsight system fully connects internal experts to remote locations in real time with multiple layers of security to keep the content safe. Using Onsight, an internal expert can receive live video and audio, and share feedback with field staff, external suppliers or customers to assess operations and resolve issues immediately. The Onsight system is comprised of three main components: Librestream’s wireless devices (Onsight 1000, Onsight 2000 and Onsight 2000EX models); Onsight Expert desktop collaboration software that runs on the computer of a subject matter expert; and Onsight Management Suite software, which provides system administrators with centralized management tools for their Onsight system. Plant workers use the mobile device to share video, voice, telestration (i.e., onscreen drawing) and images with the experts who interact live through the collaboration PC software. Remote experts can also share images or pre-recorded videos to play on the touch screen panel of the device. By sharing this visual content, the experts can provide plant floor personnel or field technicians with visual instructions. The system connects with wireless, satellite and cellular networks.

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