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Pineberry’s InstaPrint prints, scans and inserts up to 200 pages per minute on demand

January 17, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Jan. 17, 2018 – Pineberry Manufacturing says its new InstaPrint Packing Slip Inserter uses a high quality drop-on-demand inkjet printer that has the ability to print on many flat materials, sizes and odd stocks, including paper, plastic and stock with an integrated label.

With no consumables other than ink, the InstaPrint prints allows for packing slips to be printed, folded and inserted into cartons at up to 200 pages per minute on demand, says the company. The InstaPrint has a footprint measuring 32.56 inches wide and 59.50 inches long. It comes with an attached Pineberry HSF 12 Friction Feeder, Drop-On-Demand Printer and a Pineberry Fold & Inserter on a vacuum conveyor that can be integrated next to packaging lines for packaging and order fulfillment. With an optional loader, the InstaPrint can hold up to 10,000 sheets.

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