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Balluff releases inductive sensors for high temperatures

December 19, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

December 19, 2018 – Balluff has released a new line of extended-temperature proximity sensors, with a maximum temperature rating double that of standard sensors, the company says.

Balluff’s extended-temperature line of sensors provides non-contact object detection in ambient temperatures from 130 °C / 266 °F up to 150 °C / 302 °F.

This makes them ideal to battle the heat found in many industrial automation environments including robotic weld cells, where localized temperatures increase due to radiant heat from frequent weld flashes and conducted heat from molten welded materials.

The technology is most beneficial to the automation needs of those in industries such as hot metal stamping, steel forging, and glass manufacturing, as standard inductive proximity sensors are unsuited for high-temperature environments.


Balluff’s sensors offer heat resistance by using a liquid crystal polymer face. Both the active electronic and passive sensing components are included in the head of the unit and housed in stainless steel.

The new sensors are available in M8 tubular housings, with a five-metre heat-resistant PTFE-jacketed cable, and block-style housings with a five-metre silicone cable.

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