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Advantech launches collaborative WISE-PaaS IoT platform

November 5, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

November 5, 2018 – Advantech launched its newest IoT platform structure WISE-PaaS 3.0 and 32 IoT solution-ready (SRP) packages co-created with software and industry partners at the first Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit last week in Suzhou, China.

More than 5,000 industry professionals attended the event, which is billed as a way for companies to connect so they can develop future solutions for software and hardware integration. 

The WISE-PaaS (product-as-a-service) platform began in 2014, but Advantech spent over two years connecting the platform thoroughly from top to bottom, including services such as sensors, edge computing, communications, PaaS platform, SRPs and cloud service operation to create a complete IoT supply chain. 

The platform consists of four main modules:

  • WISE-PaaS/SaaS Composer is a cloud configuration tool with visible workflow. WISE-PaaS/SaaS Composer supports customized component plotting for 3D modeling application and interaction. It updates views at millisecond rates and, together with WISE-PaaS/Dashboard, presents critical management data in a visually intuitive display to help extract valuable data and improve operational efficiency.
  • WISE-PaaS/AFS (AI Framework Service) is an artificial intelligence training model and deployment service framework. The WISE-PaaS/AFS provides a drag-and-drop interface that allows developers to input industrial data. When combined with AI algorithms, the service builds an effective inference engine with automatic deployment to edge computing platforms. AFS offers model accuracy management, model retraining and automated redeployment. It simultaneously controls multiple AI models in the application field; offering automated model accuracy improvements and life-cycle management services.
  • WISE-PaaS/APM (Asset Performance Management) is an equipment network connection remote maintenance service framework. WISE-PaaS/APM connects to an array of on-site industrial equipment controls and communication protocols. It supports the latest edge computing open standard, EdgeX Foundry, and includes built-in equipment management and workflow integration templates. Jointly with the AFS, APM accelerates Machine to Intelligence (M2I) application development.
  • WISE-PaaS also contains a micro-service development framework to help developers rapidly create program design frameworks while reducing development requisites. Micro-service functions, such as service finding, load balancing, service administration and configuration centre all offer built-in flexible support mechanisms.

The WISE-PaaS software will be operated on a membership model. Any additional SRP software development and domain-focused solution integrator company collaborations will be co-creations or small investment joint ventures.

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