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Balluff releases mini inductive sensors with high temperature rating

November 3, 2020  by Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Balluff’s newest family of five-millimetre inductive sensors are approved to operate at ambient temperatures of up to 135 °C.

Along with the high temperature resistance, both the sensor and the connector provide IP67 rated protection thanks to a new crimping technique we use to connect the silicone cables.

This plus their stainless steel housing and ceramic face make them especially well suited for the hydraulic and semiconductor industries.

They can withstand dynamic pressure of up to 10 bar and are available in both NPN and PNP normally open outputs with either an M8 connector or a cable out connection of up to 10 meters.


An LED in the connector gives visibility into the operating and switching state. The sensors are flush mounted, offer a .8 mm sensing range, and are available in housing lengths of either 27 mm or 42 mm.


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