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Bosch to roll out new AI solution to global manufacturing sites

March 9, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Photo: Bosch

Bosch has developed an AI-based system that detects anomalies and malfunctions in the manufacturing process at an early stage.

The Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI) in Stuttgart, Germany says its technology can reliably reduce reject parts and improve product quality.

“The use of artificial intelligence will make factories more efficient, more productive, more eco-friendly – and will make products even better,” said Dr. Michael Bolle, Bosch CDO/CTO at the company’s digital AI conference AI CON on Mar.3.

Pilot plants where the AI solution is already in use are saving between one and two million euros per year, the company says.


The plant in Hildesheim, for example, was able to identify and eliminate disruptions in process flows with the help of AI. As a result, the cycle times of the lines dropped by 15 per cent.

In 2021, Bosch will be rolling out the AI solution developed by BCAI, starting with some 50 powertrain plants worldwide, and connecting it to more than 800 production lines.

More than one billion data messages will be stored on the analysis platform every day. Bosch plans to subsequently deploy the AI solution across the company at its roughly 240 plants.

The company will also take the experience and technological know-how it gains and continue to incorporate it into the development of new AI technology for manufacturing.

“Artificial intelligence is an epoch-making technology, comparable to the invention of letterpress. It will revolutionize manufacturing,” says Bolle. “With the help of artificial intelligence, machines and products learn how to be smart and anticipate.”

In addition to projects in its own plants, Bosch is launching AI-based solutions on the market and will debut them at Hannover Messe 2021 online, running from Apr. 12-16. Applications in manufacturing include automated visual inspection of workpieces, software for intelligent production management, and sophisticated energy management.

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