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H2W Technologies releases two-axis X-Theta positioning system

January 29, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION


H2W Technologies has launched a two-axis X-Theta positioning system ideal for precision motion control applications that require coordinated linear and rotary positioning.

The SRT-030/360-026-01 consists of a rotary DC servo motor with encoder mounted to a moving brushless linear motor–driven positioning stage.

The linear axis uses an H2W brushless linear motor BLDM-C08 to generate a continuous force of 26 lb [115.5 N] and a peak force of 78 lb [347 N] with a stroke length of 30 in [768 mm].

The non-contact one-micron resolution linear encoder allows for precise positioning along the linear axis. It is guided by a pair of precision recirculating linear ball bearings.


The rotary axis consists of a standard 34-frame rotary servo motor with a 10,000 counts/rev resolution encoder.

The motor can generate a continuous torque of 29 lb-in [3.3 N-m] and a peak torque of 87 lb-in [9.9 N-m].

The rotary axis is removable, which allows for higher accelerations by reducing the moving mass of the linear axis.

The system can be placed in any orientation. There are also provisions that allow customer cables to be routed within the cable carrier. The system has a reference mark, end-of-travel limit switches and hard stops.

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