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H2W Technologies releases low-profile voice-coil positioning stage

December 5, 2019  by Manufacturing AUTOMATION


H2W Technologies has introduced a high-acceleration, voice coil–driven, XY-theta positioning stage with a precision bearing system, which minimizes the amount of pitch, yaw and roll in the system.

The voice coil stage (VCS02-005-BS-01-MXYTh) is a closed-loop positioning system that can be used for positioning applications that require a limited rotation theta stage integrated. The stage has a custom low-profile design that uses an electromagnetic circuit design.

The motor has a two-axis planar coil assembly that interacts with a common magnetic circuit. This circuit design allows for a minimal overall height of 2.93 in (74.5 mm). Each linear axis has a 0.23″ [6.0 mm] stroke; generate 0.50 lbs [2.2 N] of continuous force and 1.50 lbs [6.6 N] of peak force. The X and Y axes are guided by precision linear ball slide assemblies.

It includes a one-micron resolution magnetic linear encoder on each linear axis. The theta axis has a rotary displacement of 10 degrees, a continuous torque of 2.2 in-lbs [0.25 Nm], and a peak torque of 6.5 in-lbs [0.73 Nm]. There is also encoder feedback on the theta axis that has 239,000 counts per revolution. This design uses a moving coil in all three axes, which has a lower moving mass that enables the highest possible acceleration. Voice coil positioning stages are ideal for applications that require quick, short moves with fast settling times.



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