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Networking at the top of tradeshow wish list for attendees, MA poll finds

June 11, 2024
By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

Industry events and tradeshows are an excellent platform for attendees and exhibitors to stay competitive, expand their networks and stay updated on the most current industry developments.

Manufacturing AUTOMATION recently conducted a survey requesting readers to share their primary goal when attending industry events and tradeshows. Not surprisingly, 50 percent of the respondents noted that they are looking to network with people. Manufacturing and automation tradeshows bring together professionals, companies and experts from every niche area of the industry. When planned properly, such events help create lasting relationships and valuable partnerships that benefit all parties involved. For small and medium-sized manufacturers, these relationships form an essential support system during their digital transformation journeys. Connecting with industry peers also allows manufacturers to discuss current challenges and potential solutions.

The abundance of automation technologies and solutions available on the market today makes it possible for every manufacturer to find suitable options for their specific needs. Accordingly, 33 percent of the poll respondents indicated that their primary tradeshow goal is to learn about new products, technologies and solutions. Being able to see the products and solutions live and in action can give potential buyers the required perspective for purchase decisions.

Ten percent of the poll respondents shared that they visit tradeshows with the specific goal of connecting with key industry stakeholders for partnerships. General networking can kick-start such relationships. However, attending events with such specific goals can give better results. Multi-day industry events and tradeshows allow attendees and exhibitors the opportunity to organize short one-on-one meetings in special networking rooms or even at the exhibitor booths.

Five percent of the respondents indicated that they visit shows to purchase products and services for their facilities. Exhibitors often offer great deals and discounts at tradeshows to expand their customer base. Potential buyers can take advantage of such exclusive deals on products and solutions that are most suitable for their unique challenges.

Education and training sessions have become a staple at almost all tradeshows today. The events feature seminars, workshops and presentations by industry experts. These educational sessions provide valuable knowledge and insights that can help professionals and companies stay up-to-date with the most current industry trends and best practices. However, it is not at the top of the wish list for most attendees. Only three percent of the poll respondents shared that their goal is to attend education sessions on trending topics.

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