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Single Phase Power Solutions introduces 50 HP motor with three-phase power

January 6, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Single Phase Power Solutions has introduced the 50 HP 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source to deliver three-phase power from single-phase utility service.

The 50 HP 1-to-3 can be used to operate a 25 HP three-phase motor, and multiple other motors up the remaining 25 HP of capacity. Ideal for areas without three-phase service, this approach is more cost effective than extending three-phase power where it is not currently available. The 50 HP 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source is ideal for a broad range of industries and applications, including industrial and commercial sites.

It is also available in 75 and 100 HP configurations.

A Written-Pole single-phase motor can drive a three-phase conventional generator to produce clean, balanced voltage. The proven converter circuit can start multiple smaller three-phase motors. The 1-to-3 MicroGrid Power Source can start a single motor up to about 50 per cent of its rating, and other smaller motors up to its output rating.

Because of the high load synchronizing capability of the Written-Pole drive motor, a large flywheel can be added to greatly improve the motor starting capacity of the three-phase generator. The motor achieves a full load efficiency exceeding 88 per cent. Since the 1-to-3 input runs at unity power factor, there is no power factor penalty.

The 1-to-3 can replace the diesel or gas engines that are often used as the prime movers for pumps and generator sets.

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