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Teguar introduces rugged Android tablets for manufacturing operations

December 2, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Teguar-TRT-A5380 Android Rugged Tablet Series

Teguar has introduced its TRT-A5380 Rugged Tablet Series with Android computing for monitoring and controlling manufacturing and processing operations.

To handle almost any peripheral device in an inventory of tools, the TRT-A5380-08 and TRT-A5380-10 provide many inputs/outputs. These units include a built-in barcode scanner option and an eight-pin pogo connector, allowing tablet mounting to a forklift/vehicle/desktop docking station.

The TRT-A5380-08S and TRT-A5380-10S provide the same ruggedness and higher processing power in a slim, sleek, ventless enclosure. The “S” at the end of the name denotes the ultra-slim housing that encases 8” and 10.1” screen sizes.

The Android operating system provides a familiar, easy-to-use interface and access to millions of apps on the Google Play Store. Android also gives these tablets the ability to integrate with other Android devices.


Teguar designs and builds these tablets for tough environments. These units are Military-Standard-810G rated and can handle drops up to four feet onto concrete, plus they have a wide temperature range, and can withstand shocks and vibrations. All of these tablets are at least IP65 rated so that they can be sprayed for cleaning or operate in the rain and in humid environments.

These rugged tablets are lightweight and mobile. They come with a standard hand strap and have other easy-carrying options such as a shoulder strap, back strap and carrying handle. Their design makes them ideal for use in field services in an endless range of industries, uses and environments.

On-board GPS, 4G, and Wi-Fi connect workers out in the field to back-end infrastructure, and built-in 13.56 MHz NFC and an optional integrated barcode scanner simplify inventory management. The high-resolution cameras allow for capture clear images for service applications and troubleshooting.

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