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Future of Automation 2023
September 20, 2023 at 1:00pm ET


Manufacturers today are looking for custom automation solutions to optimize processes, manage risks, predict outcomes and plan ahead for a smart future.

Advanced data processing capabilities, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud and edge technologies, collaborative automation and intelligent robotics are some of the many automation solutions allowing manufacturers to adopt a proactive approach to management of equipment, processes, product and factories.

At The Future of Automation: 2023 Technology Forum, editorially selected thought leaders and industry-leading manufacturers shared the different automation options available to manufacturers for a strong and secure future.

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Keynote: Intelligent manufacturing – Building resilience with proactive automation 

  • Alex Shikany, Vice-president of Membership & Business Intelligence, Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
The days of taking a reactive approach to automation are gone. Proactively assessing processes and embarking on a digital transformation journey can make the difference between business-as-usual and successful growth. With the plethora of automation technologies and solutions available, manufacturers can select the options that fit the best to improve efficiencies and drive growth in their facilities.

Meeting automation requirements of today’s small to medium sized businesses, presented by Epson

  • Scott Marsic, Group Product Manager – Robotics, Epson
Robotics and automation are more prominent fixtures in todays’ manufacturing processes than ever before. A leading indicator of automation adoption has been growth within the small to medium sized business segment. This presentation will briefly cover key market drivers and best practices of SMBs, as well as the role technology plays as they pursue higher degrees of simplicity.

Panel discussion: Importance of interoperability for the future of automation

  • Sukanya Ray Ghosh, Editor, Manufacturing AUTOMATION
  • Jonathan Gross, LLB, MBA, Managing Director, Pemeco Consulting
  • Jonathan Weiss, Chief Revenue Officer, Eigen Innovations
  • Feisal Hurzook, Chief Technology Officer, Arcx
The manufacturing industry in Canada has already begun its digital transformation journey, with more players implementing some kind of automation solution in their facilities. With so many options from so many technology providers, should manufacturers be restricted to work with a select few companies? A panel of industry experts will discuss how interoperability could influence the future of automation. 

Future needs in automation, presented by Festo

  • Frank Latino, Product Management for Electric Automation, Festo North America
Latino will discuss three operational improvements in automation, Festo's domain expertise for digitalization, three Pillars of the digital factory and implementation success stories. Learn about increasing productivity, reducing energy costs, preventing quality losses, optimizing the factory floor and creating new business models, by analyzing data with Festo AX.

Securing the industrial network, presented by Phoenix Contact

  • Tyler Burke, Product Manager for Automation, Phoenix Contact Canada
How secure is your industrial network? With a push towards digitalization can you be sure your machine is ready for wider connectivity. In this brief session Phoenix will show some simple solutions to isolate IT from OT and protect both networks from each other.

Fireside chat: Artificial intelligence – Everywhere, all together and all at once

  • Hugues Foltz, Executive Vice-President, Vooban
Predictive analysis of plant processes has become very important today, especially in the context of securing the manufacturing supply chain and ensuring that all systems and processes are functioning efficiently. The value in using artificial intelligence (AI) to make sense of all the data generated at manufacturing facilities is immense. Our expert speaker will discuss how AI will impact the manufacturing space in Canada going forward.

Digitizing towards AI automation, presented by Pleora Technologies

  • Ed Goffin, Vice-president of Product Marketing, Pleora Technologies
For many manufacturers investigating AI there is a great deal of confusion around the capabilities of the technology based on “best case” scenarios. This often leads to cost concerns, delayed deployments, and disappointing results. Instead, a more scaled approach that evolves towards wider AI-based automation often delivers better outcomes for manufacturers. This presentation will highlight how manufacturers can deploy AI and vision technology to solve an immediate problem, while gaining insight and user buy-in to develop an automation roadmap. As part of this discussion, we will look at how an electronics manufacturer are using AI-based tools to first digitize error-prone human processes and gather data to help guide and simplify an AI automation strategy.

Panel discussion: Custom automation solutions for all manufacturers

  • Jim Beretta, President, Customer Attraction
  • Tharwat Fouad, Founder and President, Anubis 3D
  • Brent Bell, Director of Project Management, JMP Solutions
  • Robert Leader, Regional Sales Manager, Kinova Robotics
Manufacturers today are looking for automation solutions that fit well with their processes rather than selecting specific automation products. Robots are becoming more accessible. Technology providers are working on making automation implementation processes simpler every day. Our panelists will discuss how Canadian manufacturers of all sizes can benefit from more targeted custom automation solutions.

AI for Inspection and Traceability

Festo Simplified Motion Series (SMS) Axes Enhancements

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