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WMTS 2023: Snapshots from a successful edition of the show

June 9, 2023
By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

WMTS 2023 received a steady flow of traffic from interested industry stakeholders.

The Western Manufacturing Technology Show (WMTS) has been a staple for manufacturers in Western Canada for more than 30 years now. Showcasing the latest products, technologies and solutions from different regional, national and global suppliers, the 2023 edition also featured a solid mix of education sessions for its attendees.

Held at the Edmonton Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alberta from May 30 to June 1, WMTS 2023 welcomed a steady stream of interested attendees from Alberta and its neighbouring provinces.

Walking the show floor, manufacturers from Western Canada spent valuable time at each exhibitor booth that interested them for long conversations on the latest trends and technologies that would improve the competitive edge of their businesses.

Take a look at some snapshots from the successful 2023 edition of WMTS.



With a focus on the many challenges faced by manufacturers in Western Canada, the conference sessions sought to offer success strategies and tips suitable for the regional attendees.

Kicking off the conference sessions, Jason Leslie, chief operating officer of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce shared his insights on the economic outlook for the manufacturing industry in Alberta. Leslie discussed the economic trends, opportunities and challenges that manufacturers are currently facing. He explored the key economic indicators that are impacting the manufacturing sector, including changes in consumer demand, supply chain disruptions, labour market challenges and government policies affecting the industry. During the interactive session, Leslie shared the results of different surveys conducted in the province covering the existing skills and competencies of the labour, major hiring challenges, the impact of staffing shortages, affordability, supply chain woes and more.

John Preiditsch from Six S Partners discussed how to overcome barriers to technology adoption, especially the challenges manufacturers face in their digital transformation journeys. Other sessions focussed on automation solutions, funding opportunities, artificial intelligence, the usability of 3D scan data, metrology and more.

Steve Bassaw from SYSPRO Canada held the audience captive with his valuable insight on how AI, IIoT and blockchain technologies are revolutionizing the supply chain globally. With concrete examples from different real-life industry applications, Bassaw explained how impactful these technologies are today and what difference they will make going forward.

Bassaw left the audience with the following quote, giving them a lot to think about:

“The only way to avoid disruption is if the information is flowing as fast inside your company, as it’s going outside your company. Because if it’s going faster outside your company, and a competitor responds faster than you do, you’re gone.” ~ Dan Holme, director of product marketing for Yammer, SharePoint, OneDrive and Stream

Exhibitors and attendees of WMTS also had the opportunity for casual networking and fun during the ‘Happy Hour’ held from 3 pm to 5 pm on May 30 and 31 at the SME Zone. Show hosts offered a wide selection of food and drinks for everyone on the show floor. The exhibitors took the opportunity to invite their potential customers to understand their challenges and problems better, looking to forge lasting relationships with them.

As a regional show, WMTS 2023 was a grand success. Exhibitors shared that they were very pleased with the steady traffic they received on all days. As attendees stopped by to have detailed discussions on products and technologies, that often extended beyond the hour, both parties were able to benefit well from the focussed regional show.

Annex Business Media joined the event as media sponsor and exhibitor, representing its manufacturing group brands: Manufacturing AUTOMATION, PLANT magazine, Machinery and Equipment MRO, Canadian Manufacturing and Design Engineering.

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