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Programmable core cutter

July 16, 2009
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Appleton Mfg Division’s P510 Programmable Core Cutter offers users automated core feeding and advanced programmable control for enhanced cut-to-length performance and integrated automation options, the company says. Unlike a manual or semi-automatic core cutter, this design allows operators to produce any quantity of precision cores cut to multiple lengths in a single run or one custom length.

The automated core feeding application on the P510 Core Cutter is a servo driven ball-screw drive that advances the core with perfect speed and control as dictated by the controller. This feature eliminates the need to manually load the core onto the cutter.

The P510 also features a programmable logic control (PLC), with touch-screen display. With the PLC determining the number of parent cores and the best cut combination needed to produce the order with minimal scrap, the P510 eliminates all of the guess work; once the cut sets are entered, they can be stored for future use.

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