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Self contained high-speed sensor

May 5, 2005
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

ImageLMI Technologies (USA) Inc. introduces a compact, single point industrial gauging sensor for high-speed applications in numerous industries demanding extremely high accuracy and reliability. Based on the principle of laser triangulation, the improved Class 3R and Class 3b Selcom SLS 5000 non-contact sensors have a totally integrated sensor within the head and a built-in processor for data averaging and filtering.

A unique dynamic laser feedback loop allows accurate measurement without regard to speed, ambient light changes, color, and temperature of material or general plant environmental conditions. This characteristic allows the sensor to make virtually error-free measurement with total reliability and repeatability up to 16,000 times a second within a small, defined spot using very little power. The sensors are easy to maintain, install or interface with most computer and PLC systems without time consuming and costly integration. LMI Technologies Inc.

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